Pictures of my Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE)
July 26, 2012

What does Polymorphous (or polymorphic) Light Eruption (PMLE) look like?

People always ask me what PMLE looks like and then start to describe the last rash they had. So I thought I could share some PMLE pictures. If you have something similar to my last sun rash, a doctor can help determine if you are affected by it. Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) otherwise termed Polymorphic light eruption (PLE), is a skin complaint caused by sunlight, which usually appears as an itchy rash on sun-exposed skin. It is called polymorphous because it can take many different forms. The skin rash and the appearance of the eruption can be different for every person it affects. So chances are your PMLE is totally different than mine!



Typically, my sun allergy rash would develop on the third day of a beach vacation. It consists of small red spots that appear everywhere the skin has been exposed to sunshine, except the face. It looks the texture of an orange at first, small bumps. It is VERY itchy. Impossible to sleep without some Antihistaminic. After approximately 8 days, I usually end up like I have a sunburn on the whole body. It’s burning a lot. It may take as long as 15 days to clear. On day 15 my skin is usually very dry and start to peel like an old sunburn. If I can keep my light sun tan after this first PMLE episode, I would usually be good to go for the summer. PMLE would then re-appears on my next vacation the following winter.

Those pictures are the last eruption to date and I hope they are the last period. In 2012 I develop a special formulation containing antioxidant and vitamin E. It is very effective to prevent PMLE on me. It prevent the allergy rash from reappearing on my last vacation and I keep using it everytime I am expose to sunlight. So far it’s a great success for me. If you want to give this lotion a try as a pmle preventive treatment, please visit

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  1. Hi I bought some of your Shirudo lotion to try as I too suffer pretty badly with PMLE. I have just finished my 10 day holiday in Spain and it hadn’t made any difference at all. I applied it every 2 hours and then used my sunscreen on top but I’m sorry to say it hasn’t worked for me. I am gutted to say the least as I was hoping this was going to be my saving grace from this horrible condition.

    1. Hi Justine,
      I’m sorry to read this. 80% of success is a great number but it also means 20% of PMLE sufferers won’t find any help using AGR and vitamin E. I hope you will find a solution soon.

  2. My son has moderate-severe PMLE. An allergist found a treatment that works so well for him that he can go outside and have a normal lifein the spring-summer seasons. He receives ahi fusion of Zolair once a month and this works . He sometimes takes a pill called Zyzal which also helps.

  3. I have had this since I was a little girl! Thank you for putting together a cohesive journal of you experience, because there are times I thought I would go crazy. I will definitely try your antioxidant lotion! I have dealt with it pretty well for many years, almost to the point I thought I was growing out of it. And then this summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard wrapped up with a sunset sail, and to my surprise, I erupted like I can hardly remember even as a child, even through my clothing. It was like I was in a microwave. I have been housebound for over 3 weeks since, the bruising, fevers, itching, and eruptions plus overall joint pain have been near unbearable. My windows have been draped completely, because even indirect light caused reflare up. I am hoping with this Equinox, as the Rays change their angle, and my diligence, I will be able to return to my normal life soon. But it has been incredibly frustrating.

  4. Hi,
    i’have come across this website after searching for and reaching for a treatment of my PMLE.

    my name is Ali, male, 43 years old. I was born and lived in Aden, Yemen (middle east) for the first 21 years of live, There the weather is hot, hot and sunny year around but I have never summer of what i am suffering from now…PMLE.

    20 years ago I came to Chicago, USA and that’s when i started getting this itchy feeling everything time i get exposed to sun. i didn’t now what i was until last couple of years when my symptoms got worse and I couldn’t be in sun anymore. The strange thing is that I have gone on vacations to Bahamas, Caribbean and many other places few years go and i was fine. My symptoms got worse since 2012..i really suffered lot and nothing seems to help me. sunblock made me symptoms worse this really made made me depressed since I love to travel and i am a sun and summer lover ( I can’t stand cold, winter, snow..etc.)

    Thank you for establishing this website, and i hope people who suffer from this condition will learn and benefit from it.

  5. Hello! I just tried this product for the first time after a trip to Aruba. I can honestly say this works! My PMLE has been been getting worse and worse for the last 16 years. I have done many Caribbean cruises, two trips to the Turks and Caicos Islands and this was my 6th annual trip to Aruba. Well, this is the very first time that I have not had my ‘itchy bumps’!!! I’ve spent a lot of money on expensive sunscreens with zinc etc.. and lately they don’t seem to be working. I’ve been breaking out in my bumps within a day or so! I knew I was going to Aruba and needed to figure out something so, I bought this product. WELL… it worked! I used it as directed, about 15 mins or so before I applied my Sun Bum Pro 50 sunscreen. I also reapplied it a few hours later. NO BUMPS!!! I also experimented a little the very last day. I wanted to get a bit more color so I just used the cream alone and laid in the sun a few minutes here and there. Still, no bumps!!!! My skin feels very smooth too. This cream is amazing! I was very nervous that it might not work and I am thrilled that it does. Please write me with any questions about my usage of it if you’d like.

    1. Hi Pam, awesome news! I’m glad Shirudo lotion could help. It’s another success story. Thanks a lot for this great review. Please let me know if it I can post it on the review section of with other testimonials.
      Best regards,

  6. Hi Eloise
    I also suffer from pmle, your pictures look exactly the same as mine.
    I have just received my order of shirudo, very fast delivery I live in the uk.
    I am off to turkey in 4 weeks time and i am looking forward to trying the cream.
    I will let you know how I get on.


    1. Hi Gillian,
      Fingers crossed it will work. Let me know!
      Have a great vacation!