PMLE face and lips sun allergy rash
August 23, 2017

If you have PMLE on your face and lips you are not alone. In the past 5 years I received a lot of feedback from PMLE (polymorphous light eruption) sufferers from around the world. The most typical PMLE case is a body rash appearing on day 2 of sudden sun exposure and mostly on areas usually hidden by clothing: legs, thigh, chest, upper arms and feet. For these people the rash is usually minor and will react very well to Shirudo AGR+E body lotion. But it seams a subtype of PMLE sufferers have the sun rash mostly on their face and lips. The PMLE rash is usually pretty severe and won’t harden after a few weeks like it would for others. For these people, PMLE is not only annoying on a 2 weeks sun vacation, it’s a condition affecting their everyday life, even more if they have to work outside.

Some will use UV scarf and hat to protect from the sun . Other will simply avoid sun exposure completely. I wanted to address this issue and receive many comments from people who didn’t want to use a body lotion on their face. That is why I develop Shirudo AGR+E facial lotion and lip balm. These 2 products are the perfect combo for people suffering from PMLE on their face and lips. I invite you to give it a try and let me know what you think. What is the difference with the body lotion? It is specifically formulate for the face, with natural extract from black spruce bark. It is concentrated in trans-resveratrol and in polyphenols. This anti-ageing active boosts skin protection against UVB and UVA responsible of premature ageing. It makes it possible to use Shirudo facial lotion as a daily facial moisturizer instead of mixing up multiple lotions.

Most dermatologists say PMLE won’t affect the face, but after 5 years running this blog I can tell you it’s most common than you think.